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A range of designs. Machine drawn on my hand made felt onto a background of hand made paper. Each one made to order so variations will occur. Mounted on 20 x 20 cm board, signed and wrapped in cellophane.

Themes are repeated but all pieces are made individually and so are unique.

Trade enquiries welcome.



Seed heads 3

Beach huts



                        Small Patches 20 x 20 & 30 x 30

A new range of small landscapes. Each one unique. Patches of England, Patches of Tuscany and English Country Gardens from my hand made felt and stitch, mounted on 20 x 20 cm or 30 x 30 cm  mount board, I am happy to discuss landscapes specific to your region. Trade enquiries welcome.

Smaller pieces

Shown here mounted on 9cm x 9cm mount board

Mini Patches 15 x 15cm

A new range of mini landscapes. Each one unique. Mini patches of England, Mini patches of Tuscany and Mini English Country Gardens from my hand made felt and stitch mounted on 15 x 15 cm mount board. Trade enquiries welcome.

Seed Heads 2

Seed Heads 1

Harbour 2

Harbour 1

Ploughed Fields



Wild Flowers

House on the Hill

Stone wall

By the Fence

Mixed Flowers